We direct your attention to the Flag of our beloved country. It is always displayed in the East at every Masonic function where it is accorded the position of highest honor. It is a constant inspiration to every lover of his country. It demands unswerving loyalty and whole-hearted devotion to the principles of which it is the glorious representative. It is the majestic symbol of Freedom under Constitutional government. Beneath its protecting folds Liberty, Equality and Fraternity have become the heritage of every citizen, while the oppressed of many nations have found peace and happiness in the Land over which it floats. The flags of mighty empires have come and gone, but the Stars and Stripes remain. Alone of all flags, it expresses the sovereignty of the people which endures when all else passes away. Speaking with their voice it has the sanctity of revelation. He who lives under it and is loyal to it, is loyal to truth and justice everywhere. So long as it flies, government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

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